Adiantum - Maidenhair Ferns

Adiantum macrophyllum



Adiantum macrophyllum


Adiantum macrophyllum, This is perhaps my favorite of all maidenhair ferns.  The species is native to the American tropics and occurs in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. I have seen it in the wild many times and collected it in the past growing on road side banks in the Caribbean where there was water seepage. So it likes to be very moist if not wet.  It will even grow in bright sun light often  shaded only by the leaves of adjacent plants.

DON'T EVER let it dry out, this plant will loose precious foliage if roots experience dry conditions, it may not die but it wont look good and will take a LONG time to recover,  so avoid any chance of allowing it to ever dry out.

I grow these in pots and keep them outdoors under shade cloth or in the green house. When the pot fills up with roots I move it up to a larger pot.  They like daily misting from above if kept out doors. I do not think it is possible to over water this species as long as it doesn't permanently sit in water.  Water it often EVERY SINGLE DAY but don't sit the pot in a tray of water for long periods of time. Doing so may lead to root rot though I am not certain. I just like to keep them well watered EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It will certainly tolerate both cool and hot temps so there is no concern about any odd temp requirements.   No worries if your summer temps are very hot, it thrives, no worries if your summer temps are cool, it thrives. really! Its not cold hardy so don't ever let it freeze,  Remember its a tropical fern.

The photo above shows a mature plant.  And yes the new leaves are indeed that rosy pink, just beautiful.  Lower photos show some young ones coming along.  It produces lots of spores and can be grown from spore fairly easily.

I am growing a few of this species at this time. (summer 2020), most are very small plants that I started this spring.   I will list them for sale when they have some size and look GORGEOUS, perhaps starting in October.   I might have 5 or 6 to offer at most.


As always please email me to determine which plants are available.  I usually divide plants in early spring (Feb, March & April) and begin offering divisions for sale at that time.  There is always  a limited number of some that I have but it never hurts to ask.. Click my name below to send an inquiry, thanks

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