Adiantum - Maidenhair Ferns

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Adiantum macrophyllum


Adiantum macrophyllum, This species is native to the American tropics and occurs in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. I have seen it in the wild many times and collected it in the past growing on road side banks in the Caribbean where there was water seepage. So it like to be very moist if not wet and will even grow in bright sun light often only shaded by leaves of adjacent plants.
Dont let it dry out, this plant will loose precious foliage if soil desicates, it wont die but it wont look good, so avoid any chance of allowing it to ever dry out. I grow these in pots and keep them outdoors under shade cloth or in the green house. They like daily misting from above if kept out doors. I dont think it is possible to over water this species as long as it doesn't sit in water. So water it often but dont sit the pot in a tray of water.
They will certainly tolerate both cool and hot temps so there is no concern about any odd temp requirements. So no worries if your summer temps are very hot, it thrives, no worries if your summer temps are cool, it thrives. really! Its not cold hardy so dont ever let it freeze, Hey remember its a tropical fern.

Large leaf maidenhair fern. The photo above shows a mature plant.

The plants I have for sale are growing in a 4 and 6 inch pots, and contain many mature leaves, the largest of which are 7-10 inches long and 4+ inches wide. These plants are fully established, thriving and have filled up the pot. They could be moved in to a larger pot if you care to, or stay where it is for a very long time. Ferns love to be root bound in a pot and actually produce larger and larger leaves once they are root bound. That is the state these plants are at now.

A. macrophyllum does like humid conditions and appreciates some air movement, though not directly on the leaves, although it will completely thrive in a terrarium under lights as well (due to humid conditions). This species does like a calcareous soil mix and it is currently growing in a potting soil mixed with crushed limestone. However It grows very well any well drained soil. But the literature says it prefers some calcium in the mix so I include it. This species is NOT difficult at all to grow, and easy to make in to a specimen plant. The young foliage of this species is bright pink to red and is just spectacular to see. The stems are like black wire, typical of all maidenhair ferns.

I do have a few nice good size plants of this species for sale for $16.00 each, these plants have mature leaves though none are fertile as I write this, I expect any day now to see fertile material on these plants, thats how nice they are. Shipping will be priority mail for $6.60 with tracking. Plant will be shipped immediately upon payment. for more info email me at


More Maidenhairs to come soon with some plants for sale!


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