Microgramma lycopodioides

aka Polypodium lycopodioides

Dwarf Polypodium tongue Fern




Small Microgramma Tongue Fern, Microgramma lycopodioides (sometimes called Polypodium) is extremely easy to cultivate. I have maintained this variety for over 30 years and have never experienced any problems with its care. It is quite vigorous, and produces many fronds annually with a creeping silvery rhizome. At maturity, individual leaves can be 7 inches long and 1.5 inches across. The fronds are very symmetrical with a wavy or undulate leaf margin. Fairly hardy to about 28 F, should not experience hard freezes though it will tolerate cold in a shade house out doors. It is mostly sterile and very rarely produces fertile fronds with spores. But, when it does produce fertile fronds they are extremely different in size and shape from the sterile ones, being very narrow and linear with many circular sori on these fertile leaves.


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