Lycopodium - Tassel Ferns

Lycopodium squarrosum

photo by Frank Schulenburg


Lycopodiums or Tassel Ferns derive their name due to the often tassel like appendages which bear spores at the end of the leafy branches.

We have always had an interest in Lycopodiums and have kept a few species for many years. Recently we arranged for an importation of many new species and varieties from the famous Heatons Fern Nursery in Australia and its only the beginning. Our fisrt Heatons importation was a trial to see how the plants would travel and re-establish after importation. It was a total success, so future plans are to import more and hopefully acquire a complete collection of what they have to offer.

Lycopodiums are not ferns but fern allies, spore producing plants distantly related to ferns. This is a huge genus, worldwide in distribution, with many different subgenera. Some are epiphytic some are terrestrial, oddly the terrestrial ones are very difficult to grow and few are ever seen in cultivation, while the epiphiphytic ones are relatively easy to grow with similar care given to any exotic fern.

In general they should be grown like most any epiphytic fern, in baskets or on boards and most will thrive if given similar condtions of staghorn ferns. Tassel ferns prefer moist, humid condtions, and do not tolerate drying out for long periods. The photo above is of Lycopodium squarrosum, one of the more common types often available and very easy to grow.

Hopefully in the year coming we will have the opportunity to offer an every increasing number of these choice exotic rare plants to others.

Much more to come soon with some plants already for sale!


I rarely have any of these plants for sale, however feel free to ask about specific ones if you are interested. For an extensive list of rare ferns including lots of Lycopodiums check out the link below to Charles Alford's Site. He has extremely nice plants at

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Partial list of Lycopodiums (subgenus Huperzia) we have

Borneo Square = Huperzia tetrasticha

Fine rock wooly = Lycopodium squarrosum

Lycopodium nummularifolia

Borneo Black Stem = Huperzia phlegmaria alliance

Philippine fine black stem = Huperzia salvinioides

Fiji Gold Tip = Huperzia foliosa

New Guinea Little John = Huperzia brassii

Fiji Coarse = Huperzia feejeensis

Fiji Layered = Huperzia kandavuensis

Huperzia taxifolium



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