Pyrrosia lingua var. futaba shishi

Large Crested Tongue Fern




Ramosa Crested Pyrrosia , P. lingua var fatuba shishi another extremely easy form to cultivate. I have had this variety for only 4 years. Without any doubt this is a fast growing cultivar, and from all indications it will be one of the easiest to cultivate. It is quite vigorous, and produces very large fronds and extensive rhizomes. My initial plant was rather small but by the beginning of the second year it has completely filled a 12 inch wire basket and already is in serious need of dividing. At maturity, the individual leaves can be 12-14 inches long and 6 inches across at the crest.

This odd variety does something that no other does, the frond forks at the base of the blade "Ramos" branching, (leafy portion) and divides in to 2 blades on one stalk, each blade is crested at its tip. So what at first appears to be two fronds is actually one frond, Very strange indeed. The Crested protions are asymmetrical with considerable twisting of the blade so that each half of each frond twist in different directions. Totally distinct from all other forms and very attractive. So far this plant has been sterile producing no spores, but time will tell if this variety does become fertile. A relatively recent introduction to the US from S.E. Asia. Considered quite rare... for now!


1 division well established $35

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