Pyrrosia lingua var. oba

Pyrrosia lingua var ogon nishiki

Variegated Pyrrosia



Variegated Pyrrosia , P. lingua var ogon nishiki (sometimes called variegata) is extremely easy to cultivate. I have maintained this variety for over 25 years and have never experienced any problems with its care. It is extremely vigorous, and produces medium to large size fronds and quickly fills up a basket. At maturity, individual leaves can be 12 inches long but many are much shorter and sometimes very wide. The leaf margins of this variety are wavy and undulate often the entire length of the blade. The fronds are some what asymmetrical with some twisting of the blade and some unusually wide fronds are frequently produced. This cultivar requires bright light to show its best color. Plants grown in shade or low light will be very green and the variegation, though visible, will only be a lighter shade of green. If it is grown in nearly full sun or at least very bright light, the variegation will be bold and bright yellow. It is does produce fertile fronds with ample spores in early spring.


Single Division well established. $30

As always you must email me to see if this and other varieties are available.  I usually divide plants in early spring (Feb, March & April) and offer new divisions for sale at that time.  There is always limited number of divisions to sell annually. Click my name below to send an inquiry, thanks
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