Pyrrosia lingua var. nankin shishi

Peacock Pyrrosia Fern




Peacock (Crested) Pyrrosia , P. lingua var nankin shishi (sometimes called Peacock Fern) is relatively easy to cultivate. I have maintained this variety for several years and have not experienced any problems with its care. It is a decent grower and in a couple of seasons will fill out a 10 inch basked, and it does produce very large fronds. At maturity, individual leaves can be 15 inches long and 8 inches across at the crest. The fronds are very asymmetrical with considerable twisting of the blade especially at crested portion. The crested portion is divided in to very minute fingers which twist and over lap giving the fronds a very frilly appearance. It appears to be mostly sterile and I have not seen fertile fronds with spores.   I consider this variety and others similar to this one to be among the rarest of all lingua forms in the US.  I now have several new imports from Japan that I will be offering.  I find them very difficult if not impossible to tell apart though they have different cultivar names.  A close friend maintains that after a while you can see differences. but I have yet to see those and agree with him.


Single division $75

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