Pyrrosia polydactyla

Five finger Tongue Fern


Five Finger Pyrrosia, P. polydactyla is fairly easy to cultivate. I have maintained this variety for over 20 years and have never experienced any problems with its care. It can be a slow grower, but mature plants do produce very large fronds. The rhizome creeps slowly so that old plants can be divided in to many plants and have a dense cluster of leaves which persist for many years. At maturity, individual leaves can be 18 inches long and 10 inches across at the divided end.  This variety is cold hard but perhaps a bit more cold sensitive than P. hastata.  I tend to bring my plants indoors when they predict very cold hard freezes and temps below 25F.  I have left it out on very cold nights and some leaves will show discoloration after prolonged exposure to freezing temps. If you want to grow it outdoors in the ground then I would cover it or mulch it to protect it from a hard freezes. It is very fertile and produces fertile fronds with spores once mature.


Very limited number of divisions per year but
Nice large plants $45
photos provided on request

As always you must email me to see if this and other varieties are available.  I usually divide plants in early spring (Feb, March & April) and offer new divisions for sale at that time.  There is always limited number of divisions to sell annually. Click my name below to send an inquiry, thanks
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