Selaginella arbuscula
Hawaian Spikemoss

aka "Lelelepe a Moa"

The Hawaiian name is Lelelepe a moa.  Selaginella arbuscula is commonly found in shaded forest, on rocks (a lithophyte), and cliffs in mesic to wet areas from over 325 to about 3935 feet on all the main islands except Niʻihau and Kahoʻolawe.  It rarely occurs as an epiphyte

Once thought to be an endemic Hawaiian species, this species occupies a much larger distribution, occurring in the Society Islands, and the Marquesas Islands.

It is a very uncommon plant in cultivation but easy to grow and likes it very wet.  Don't let this plant dry out as it will not recover easily.  It is both cool tolerant and heat tolerant but I doubt its cold tolerant. I'll find out this winter. Its has an upright symmetrical growth form and propagates from stem fragments that are constantly shed from the base of the plant. 

It can get quite tall and mature plants easily produce leafy stems over 12 inches tall.

  $30.00 - 6 inch pot
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