Selaginella ludoviciana
Gulf spikemoss

Selaginella ludoviciana

aka Louisiana Spikemoss

This Selaginella is native to the US gulf coast and occupies a very narrow range.  It occurs from eastern Louisiana to Florida and only along the coast.  It is closely related to S. apoda and was once considered a form of that species but now it is regarded as a distinct species. 

Map showing the known distribution of the Gulf Spikemoss

It is actually quite rare and difficult to find in nature. Over my many years of exploring for native plants I have found it in only a couple of places.  It is easy to grow and its obviously very cold hardy.  I have not had any difficulty establishing it outdoors.  It now grows very well it in several shaded areas of my yard.  Best to plant in outdoors during a rainy season so that it can become well established.  Once established it will tolerate any seasonal drought.

This Selaginella is truly a miniature.  The very tiny foliage makes it an attractive addition for any terrarium.  I grow quite a bit of it in pots and hanging baskets. 

  $10.00 - 4 inch pot
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