Selaginella martensii variegata

Selaginella martensii variegata

This variety is perhaps the first truly variegated Selaginellas to be found in cultivation. It has been around for many decades.  I first obtained this cultivar in the 1970s. Despite that its been around for so long, it is difficult to find.  As you can see from the above photo it has very nice variegation.  The white portions are sporadic but occur all over the plant.  So the variegation remains consistent and it has never reverted to all green for me.  Even all green portions eventually produce bright white variegation. 

It is very easy to grow.  In my opinion the only drawback to this particular Selaginella is its growth habit.  It will succeed at getting out of any pot. The growth is rapid and horizontal.  If allowed to grow unattended, before you know it the plant is hanging out of the pot with very little remaining in the pot. 

Solution?  Take cuttings regularly and re-pot the original plant often,  putting it back in the center of the pot.  I don't know what else to recommend.  I've even tried growing it in large flats with no better luck in containing it.  Do what I said above and you will always have a happy plant.

I maintain several large stock plants and remove and establish small ones. A few are available throughout the year.

$35 for a well established small plant 3-4 inch pot

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