Selaginella moellendorffii
"Gemiferous" Spikemoss
Sorry no sales to California

Selaginella moellendorffii, is a very common plant Selaginella from Asia.. It has been one of the most important species in the spikemoss group to be used for genetic studies.  It has one of the smallest chromosome number of any plant species known. 

This is a very attractive small Selaginella and is extremely cold hardy.  While it has a very delicate appearance, it is easy to grow and one will volunteer in many other pots of plants. It produces asexual gemmae that spread from pot to pot and before you know it you have lots of this plant.


Easy to grow by stem divisions and rooted leaf cuttings.  Or just place a plant near other plants and what it appear in their pots.

I keep this species but do not make much of an effort to grow many for sale.  If interested let me know I usually can find a plant or two.

  $15.00 - 4 inch pot
email me if interested.