Selaginella plana
"Asian" Spikemoss

aka "Asian Spikemoss"

Selaginella plana is a common plant found in shaded rain forest. Though it is native to Asia, it has been introduced and cultivated throughout the world.  I have personally collected it on the Island of Trinidad at the Asa Wright Nature Center, where it could be found growing abundantly as a ground cover in the nearby forset.  In some forest on the estate it was the dominant ground cover. 

This is one of the most attractive of all tall Selaginellas you could grow.  It has a lime green color which will lighten if given more sun and greener if given more shade.   It has bright red erect stems (photo below) which travel horizontally for a while they go upright as the foliage expands.  It can get quite tall and mature plants easily produce leafy stems over 12-14 inches tall.  The above photos shows mature foliage. Notice the very long strobilli with spores in the photo on the right.  


Easy to grow by stem divisions plus leaf cutting root very well in sphagnum moss

I have frequently seen this species offered under various other names. NOT COLD HARDY

  $16.00 - 4 inch pot
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Note the upright red stems of S. plana in
the background of this photo.