Selaginella tamaricina

Selaginella tamaricina

This Selaginella is endemic to Japan, China and much of western Asia.  It is a favorite cultivated plant in Japan and there are countless horticultural varieties of it being grown there.  Be careful when buying this plant as I have frequently seen the name miss used for other species of Selaginella.  There is only one true "tamaricina" species. 

Despite looking like one of the "resurrection" Selaginellas, this species does not behave similarly.  If it dries out it will curl up like a resurrection plant but it will not revive and return to its origin beauty when watered again.  DO NOT LET IT DRY OUT.

It is surprisingly cold hardy and can be left out doors during freezes and appears to do well. Rated for zone 7-9.  I have quite a few varieties of this type imported from Japan.  Slow growing but gorgeous plants.

Starting at $40 for a plant 4 inch pot like the photo below.  More photos to come.

email me if interested.