Selaginella uncinata
Peacock Selaginella

Selaginella uncinata

aka Blue Spikemoss

This Selaginella originates from southern China. It is widely cultivated all along the Gulf Coast and thrives in our subtropical climate.  In some states it has even become naturalized, so its quite cold hardy as well and will survive hard freezes.  I know of a small cemetery here in Louisiana where this species is the dominant ground cover throughout the entire lawn. I have visited this unique historical cemetery since 1970 and the Selaginella was always abundant.  It has persisted for many decades.  I have also found it growing in the woods adjacent to the cemetery so it has spread some.

This beautiful Selaginella is a runner and will travel far and wide if allowed to do so.  To keep it confined to a pot or basket you will have to trim it frequently. 

Its unique beautiful blue color makes a very popular plant.  It is widely available from many growers.  I too am growing it and have a few inexpensive small plants to offer throughout the year.

  $7.50 - 4 inch pot
email me if interested.