Selaginella wallichii
"South China" Spikemoss
Sorry no sales to California

Selaginella wallichii, is an uncommon species of Selaginella from Southern China. I have rarely found it offered for sale but it is in the US trade though not easy to find.  Its one of the larger spikemosses and mature stems are well over 12-14 inches tall and quite wide as you can see in the above photo.  It closely resembles S. plana.  At a young age the two species would be difficult to tell apart but as they mature S. plana remains smaller in comparison and never gets the wide foliage that S. wallichii attains.   I have not had this species long enough to comment more about its appearance and differences with S. plana. 

What I can say is that it is a very attractive and very easy to grow.   My plants have grown very quickly from small to large in just a few weeks time.  Plus It propagates readily by stem divisions and rooted leaf cuttings. 

I hope to grow quite a few of these in the year coming.  I am especially looking forward to seeing mature plants and to test their cool/cold tolerances.  I don't expect it to be extremely cold hardy but from its range in South China it certainly could be.

When Available

  $18.00 - 3&4 inch pots
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