Pyrrosia lingua varieties & more!


Click on any of the named varieties to see photos, and learn more about each variety.

Crested Pyrrosia var. Obake

Peacock Pyrossia lingua var. nankin shishi

Wavy Leaf Pyrrosia lingua var. Tackyiba koryu

Variegated Pyrrosia lingua var. Ogon Nishiki

Dwarf Crested Pyrrosia lingua var. Obake nana

Lobed Leaf Pyrrosia lingua var. kei kan

Small Serrate Pyrrosia lingua var. Hiryu

Twisted Crested Pyrrosia lingua var. fatuba shishi

Contorted Leaf Pyrrosia lingua var. eboshi

  Golden Variety Pyrrosia lingua aka Alabama Gold

Pyrrosia lingua var. Shigei (New Crested Pyrrosia)

Pyrrosia lingua var. "tosadaiou" (Super Crested Pyrrosia NEW!)

The common original Pyrrosia lingua Japanese Tongue Fern

Pyrrosia lingua var "Sango cristata"  Frilly Crested Tongue Fern

Other Ferns (more to come as I time to list them)

 Pyrrosia polydactyla

 Pyrrosia hastata

Microgramma lycopodioides

Adiantum macrophyllum

Please check back as I will be adding other exotic ferns in the months ahead.

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